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1 March 2021
بازگشت به صفحه قبل

 Organizational values

Human dignity and honesty:
Respecting individual and social right, following veracity and transparency in words and deeds in association with beneficiaries and also considering goals.

Creativity and innovation:
Creation, presentation and execution of new ideas in order to improve the performance of organization.

Customer Orientedness
Putting the customer in the center of all activities and prioritizing their expectations and requests.

Accepting responsibility voluntarily and commitment to accountability in line with improving productivity and achieving key objectives.

Joy and Health:
Trying to provide a lively atmosphere in order to gain an utter physical and mental relation in work life.

Development of healthy competition in order to increase market share and stable profit and finally to create a distinctive organization.

Knowledge-base and learning:
Creating, acquiring, recording, sharing and implementing knowledge and experience in order to create a learning organization.