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1 March 2021
بازگشت به صفحه قبل


The most important products supplied by SGS Company include:
•    steering wheel assembly   (steering box, steering column)
•    steering wheel; assembly   (hydraulic steering box, hydraulic pump, connecting pipes and hoses)
•    suspension and front chassis assembly    (spring, shock absorber and ball joints)
•    braking system   (pedal, booster, brake pump, pressure-breaking valve, pipes, joints and hand brake)
•    exhaust system   (Catalyst, exhaust neck, exhaust pipe,  exhaust chamber, clamps, joints, heat insulation sheet)
•    Lock assembly, start key, central lock, car security alarm, central lock actuators, trunk...)
•    seat system   (seat belt, seat belt equipped with pretensioner load limiter, seat, air bag)
•    heating system   (motor, fan, body, ducts and pipes,)
•    Dashboard assembly    (audio system, speaker, gages, control units...)
•    ventilation and cooling system   (condenser, air vent, fan motor, control units,compressor, hoses, pipes, air conditioning wire harness, radiator,...)
•    interior trim    (consistency between interior trim and polymer parts)
•    Cooling system   (radiator, fan, guard...)
•    electronic and actuators system    (battery, horn, flasher, relays,...)
•    DC motor assembly    (ignition, windshield wiper, pump, power window, actuators...)
•    lights   (front, rear, interior, front and rear fog lights )
•    button panels   (turn signal handle , window button, window defogger button, antenna button)
•    Body pressing parts    (flooring, chassis, side doors, hood, fender and parts...)
•    exterior parts, side protectors, window and ceiling molding.
•    First aid kit and Caution triangle.
•    Non-automotive parts for home appliances.
•    Rail transportation parts.